Dating my 1980 s ludwig drums Adult xrated chat lines

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Dating my 1980 s ludwig drums

In addition, individual owners may have trimmed the badges themselves, so consulting a serial number will provide a better gauge on the drum.

Much debate exists on the “pointy” and “rounded” Blue & Olive badges.These badges also adorned the aluminum Acrolite snare from 1994 to the mid 2000s, when the drum featured a Black Galaxy Sparkle finish.One last thing to bear in mind: a drumset featuring sequential serial numbers tends to be higher in value than sets with era-correct badges and hardware but non-sequential serial numbers.The Blue & Olive badge replaced the Keystone in 1969, so there’s some natural overlap.If you find yourself wondering if your Blue & Olive badge might be a ‘69, a quick consultation of the serial number will clear up any uncertainty.

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