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In summary, food that is not packaged according to FDA regulations will be considered adulterated and prohibited from being sold. As stated previously, consumers will make the final decision about what they consume.

If the food package is not properly labeled, the food will be considered misbranded. Food Drug and Cosmetic Act (administered by FDA) prohibits the sale of misbranded food which implies that food products must be properly labeled.

These foods or food groups account for 90 percent of all food allergies. To assist food businesses comply with food laws (including food labeling laws), the responsible agencies are increasingly publishing guides and fact sheets written for a business audience (rather than the legalese of statutes and regulations).

Although there are other foods to which sensitive individuals may react, the labels of packaged foods containing these other allergens are not required to specify those ingredients or substances as allergens. Food labeling requirements are based on statutory laws enacted by Congress and subsequent regulations issued by the implementing federal agency. These explanatory publications offer a good introduction to the statutes and regulations.

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Food firms are allowed to develop their own coding system. For example, do they want to be able to identify the time of day of processing, or just the shift during which the food was processed?(food containing major food allergen will be considered misbranded unless properly labeled; this statute also provides businesses the opportunity to petition for an exemption from the labeling requirement). To promote their product, some food businesses may want to include claims about the characteristics of their product. For those claims that are regulated, the claim must abide by the FDA regulation.If the food business is making a claim that is not regulated, the claim can be made as long as the claim is not misleading.These statutes and regulations are found in their respective codes; this is not a complete list of all U. Five basic label requirements for food: product name, quantity of content, nutritional information, ingredients, and manufacturer or distributor.These five requirements are addressed in subsequent subsections. The following list identifies several FDA guidance documents that address food labeling.

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