Dating man married relationship

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Dating man married relationship

The only difference was his marriage was totally done (they had the talk, agreed on the date…as soon as she had finished her last college degree) and mine was not. Our two children were a mess, as I was in ‘heaven’ with this guy occupying almost every thought (can you say idolatry? Things started to self destruct when that ‘odd feeling’ in my gut told me that he was a liar (like he used to be).

Dating this married guy started as him emailing and calling as ‘a dear old friend.’ He would tell me how much he prayed…how much he had changed. I believed in him 100% b/c I was desperate for the attention and the romance. The date of his impending divorce came and went, and he started to get very snippy and defensive if I even so much as inquired about his wife or his divorce.

In many social circles, people look down on “the other woman”.

It’s quite natural that your friends and family may support the choice you’ve made, but your acquaintances and other people will make negative comments about it.

You may ignore what others think of you, but it’s never pleasant to be the main topic of gossip.

Despite the fact there are so many cons of dating a married man, still there are occasions when married people got divorced and wedded happily their lovers.

Married men just want to keep their lovers by their side to compensate for their unhappy marriages. What can the fact of cheating tell about a person’s character? The best decision for such a person is to neglect them or run away from them but never to face and solve them.You won’t spend holidays together and meet your families.He doesn’t want his colleagues or, what is worse, her friends to spot you having a wonderful time together.So the reason why he still stays in relationships with you is that he feels comfortable. But be ready he will disappear when any kind of troubles arouses.Dating a married man means no romantic cafes, no enjoyable time at the movies, no peaceful walks in the parks.

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