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The State Museum is initiating an inventory and preliminary analysis of its unprovenienced collection of grooved and chipped stone axes.

This group of artifacts was received as part of various donated collections such as those from Gerald Fenstermaker and Samuel Farver and are not located by specific site.

Our intern this semester, Tamara Eichelberger from Elizabethtown College, has volunteered to process the collection.

Although they had been washed sometime in the past, over 40 years of dust had accumulated so they needed to be wiped clean.

Depending on the hardness of the stone, the manufacturing process for a full grooved and completely polished axe required 30 to 60 hours of work.

Axes were sharpened by simply grinding down the bit end as it became worn.

There are over 500 specimens in the collection so she should be able to develop a good characterization of axes from eastern Pennsylvania.

The results of her analysis will be the subject of a blog in early May.

Ground and polished axes are grooved for securing the head to the handle.They are primarily from eastern Pennsylvania and mainly the Susquehanna drainage basin.Up until a month ago, they were stored in boxes and underutilized.Axes are one of several hafted stone tool types that are differentiated by the angle at which the head is seated.An axe blade or head, is hafted parallel to the handle rather than perpendicular to the handle as in hoes or adzes.

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It is not until the Middle Archaic period (6850 – 10,200 BP.) that ground and polished axes are produced.

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