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Dating game rodney alcala

The location where her body was found was thought to be just yards from where the photograph of Christine, wearing a yellow top and riding a motorbike, was taken.Police now still believe he could be responsible for over a hundred other missing women.WITH his shoulder-length brunette hair and dazzling smile, Rodney Alcala appeared to be the perfect bachelor when he appeared on matchmaking TV show, The Dating Game.But little did the female contestant - or the studio audience - know that he was one of America's most dangerous serial killers.She later revealed she saw his true colours backstage and turned down their tennis lesson date, saying: "I started to feel ill.He was acting really creepy." Less than a year after Cheryl chose charismatic and attractive Alcala as her 'dream date' on prime-time TV, he was arrested and charged with his first murder.The handsome American, later nicknamed the ' Dating Game Killer', would go on to be linked to over 130 women and children's deaths - including a 12-year-old girl - and was known for biting his dead victims' naked bodies before photographing them in sexually-explicit poses.

They also linked him to Hover's death after discovering that he used the name John Berger.

After less than two day's deliberation the jury found him guilty and sentenced him to death.

The breakthrough came after new DNA technology linked him - via semen traces - to the murders of four Los Angeles women.

Police found her in 1971 stripped naked and strangled with a stocking, with a bite mark on her breast and material stuffed down her throat to stop her screaming.

His next victim - Ellen Hover - was found in the grounds of the Phelps Memorial Hospital in Westchester - but her body was so badly decomposed they had to identify her using dental records.

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A witness called the police after watching Tali get into his car outside school.