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So, when I was ready to seriously invest, he wanted to back off, and he's since bounced around to other guys that are more willing to 'play things by ear'. I know space is the only way I move on, but the problem is, HE initiates EVERYTHING.HE IMs me as soon as he gets on, HE calls me to talk, HE was asking if I was free to hang out 5 times a week over the summer.To have a good relationship its better to be with someone who's reciting in the same place as you are. I remember one of my friend his girlfriend keeps on telling him "are you with someone??? you tend to loose your trust and become so uneasy of your BF or GF who is not with you......questions like these will arise: Is he/she goin out wit someone, do he/she care and so on.. And Ka Boom you just go find someone that will have the same interests as you do. Long distance relationships are hard as hell, but if you’re involved with somebody you care about greatly, it’s worth it if you can hang in there. if ur in one of those relationships, pls back out or u'll hurt urself..

ONLY if those two are true lovers mmmmph then I think they can handle it....

He's been so wonderfully (and sometimes annoyingly...) consistent in that regard.

Also upvoting because you may have just helped give me the basic outline of the ultimatum I'm going to have to throw at him at some point here... I know he's become such a big part of my life. I also know I've become as big a time investment in his life.

Because I still feel love for him, and would be dating him if I could be, I'm not in a position to reject him when he's showing interest.

So I agree, and we have a wonderful time, and then I love and want him even more. But he's adorable, and sweet and impossibly cute and his affection makes me happy. Problem is, for each one I've got, he's got one to match.

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Many of us haven't been on a true "double date" since we were in grade school and wanted to hang out with our crush without making it an Official Date.