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Dating for divorced moms

I want to find someone who's OK with me having kids, and who really wants a serious relationship.After all, now I'm dating for a partner for myself and a step-dad for my kids. I would love to meet a guy who's also a divorced dad or even a widower.So if someone doesn't like kids or they're not a good fit with my kids, then they're outta here. A few years ago when I was a single mom fresh off a divorce, I joined POF. I had better experiences with the paid sites like Match or free sites like Zoosk where you had to pay a little to do more than look. If you're in a good spot mentally just cast your net and see what you catch...I found a nice guy, a lawyer, and we met up for dinner as a first date. EDIT: For the safety tips, I also saw this article which had good advice for single moms on dating sites. I just thought the people on there were a little more serious. honestly, the EASIEST thing ever is for a woman to get messages on a dating site. Meanwhile as a dude I'm lucky to get one a week.-Plenty of Fish has brought me my new SO after fumbling around looking for a new lady after a 16 year marriage.Relationships take on a whole different set of complexities when one or both people are divorced parents.This reader is a good example: I have been dating a divorced woman with a 5-year-old daughter for a year and a half.And she didn't like guys her own age either because they reminded her of her stupid dipshit husband. As a woman, you'll get a lot of attention (usually). We both only stuck with it because divorce is a big no no in our communities and especially for our families. I'm in my 40s, I now prefer women with children that "get it" - and I've done it both ways, but I have 50% custody of my child.

Dating is hard enough, but dating as a divorced parent brings on a whole other set of challenges, from finding time to spend together to introducing the kids or not–it’s a fine line.

I love her and her daughter greatly, and it seems they both love me, too.

The only wrinkle is, her ex of 11 years throws fits when she or they go anywhere with me.

He does not have a good place to visit the child, so she lets him use her house.

If I leave anything over at her house, she has to hide it before he sees it, i.e. I try to be patient and understanding, but the other night we had a date and he was supposed to come over to stay with their daughter.

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In this week’s Love Essentially, I shared the story of a frustrated reader who is dating a divorced mom. 6 Dating Tips For Divorced Parents by Jackie Pilossoph for Chicago Tribune Media Group All relationships have challenges and issues.