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You don’t have to ask this immediately, but it’s okay if you do. The conversation has to end sometime, so leave it on a happy note by wishing them good-night or a great day tomorrow.If their answer is positive, then you’re all set for your second date. Of course, you can talk about other things aside from your date. When should you set the next date If you had a great first date, you are going to want a second one.Since texting is the go-to mode of communication these days, there’s not much reason to even consider the idea of calling. There’s no reasonable stigma against calling a person after a date. [Read: 11 honest reasons why you haven’t got a call after the first date] What should you discuss There’s no definitive topic that people need to broach when they talk after the first date.

[Read: Top 50 amazing date ideas to wow your date] #2 Have at least three backup locations, if no reservations are available.At this point, you’re finally wondering how you’re going to proceed with your conversations through text, calls, and social media.Some say there’s a strict set of rules that you should follow, and failing to do so will put you in relationship limbo.#2 If they’re not available *really not available*, set a date as soon as they’re ready.There are some instances when traveling and work commitments can make it difficult to set a new date.

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If not, then they’re probably not planning on seeing you again. Just make sure that your date is open to it, because they might be tired or they might want to talk some other time. Here are two scenarios to consider for the timing of your next date.

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