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Dating fish in more plenty sea

I have to admit that it was disconcerting to realize that most of the men in my interactions still treat women like we’re here for their amusement rather than coming at us like fellow human beings and trying to make a real connection. Instead, what passes as dating now is when you download an app, swipe right on dozens of pretty faces, engage in meaningless chitchat ranging from small talk to heavy innuendo, exchange numbers, get your first dick pic, do a little sexting, and then meet for a random hookup. We’re not writing handwritten love notes when we can just send a text with all of the handy emojis. We’re honest on our dating profiles- with our photos and our lives.We show up looking for chemistry and connection, and whether we’re looking for a sexual connection or true dating, we’re honest about that, too.We have healthy boundaries, and we don’t shy away from frank communication.We’re so authentic that we don’t even try to hide our flaws but tell them straight out.I don’t want someone who looks at me like something to possess. I want to be I want to feel that deep connection when one soul opens to another.I don’t want to be objectified and tossed aside the second a prettier face hits you up with a private message.It’s not another meaningless conversation that might lead to a date that might lead to sex that might lead to being ghosted when the interest fades.I’m not looking to be someone’s one night stand or even the person who gets a text when you’re bored and don’t have anyone else dangling on the line. I decided that online dating can’t be for me, not even on the days when my loneliness is an itch I can’t even scratch.

What I’m looking for isn’t just another fish in the sea.

I thought it was worth a try, and although I didn’t like the app’s format or the fact that just anyone can message you even if you’ve expressed no interest, I decided to be open-minded. With over 300 people allegedly wanting to meet me and about 100 messages coming in, I found myself becoming intimately familiar with the block and report functions.

And 48 hours later, I logged off and deleted my account. There were a handful of people I communicated with up until the point that they revealed that their entire profiles were complete bullshit, a bait and switch designed to reel a genuine girl in before revealing that they really only want to fuck her.

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I’m a huge proponent of self-love and celebrating the single life.

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I did get asked out on one date, but the man who asked suddenly developed a busy schedule when I was actually available- as if he’d just been saying he wanted to go out on a date but didn’t actually want to go out on a date.

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