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Dating direct yorkshire

This showed that the area north of the A63 was crossed by ditches running east to west in parallel with the modern road.They seemed to run along the side of an ancient and long forgotten trackway.Archaeologists from On-Site Archaeology were on site from June 2004 to March 2005 during which time they revealed ancient remains from many different periods throughout the last 4,000 years.The site covered an area of just over thirteen hectares on both sides of the A63, making this one of the largest excavations ever undertaken in East Yorkshire.Ilkley's spa town heritage and surrounding countryside make tourism an important local industry.The town centre is characterised by Victorian architecture, wide streets and floral displays.We also have a rich profile of extra-curricular activities and we believe in giving parents the opportunity to enjoy the achievements of their children.

A number of Roman altars have been discovered from the reigns of Antoninus Pius (138 to 161), and Septimius Severus and his son Caracalla (211 to 217).

New slip roads and roundabouts have been built to make the road safer.

What drivers may not have known is that a large team also worked here to excavate archaeological remains affected by the roadworks.

Published in December 2011, and available from Oxbow Books or direct from On-Site Archaeology priced at 25.

Please contact Oxbow books or email us for details.

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The analysis of the excavated remains has been underway since 2005 and this has involved detailed studies of pottery, animal bones, human bones, plant remains and a range of other finds.