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Dating carnival glass

The rise of pressed glass made it possible to mass-produce glassware, leading to the creation of some of the most recognizable styles including carnival glass, elegant glass, milk glass, crystal glass, and Depression glass.

Other advancements such as uranium glass were crafted throughout the 1930s before falling out of popularity during the Cold War.

While designs and techniques varied between companies, many examples of art glass featured iridescent qualities, vibrant colors, and nature-inspired patterns.

Art glass is generally sought-after by collectors, but the maker of an individual piece can impact its value.

Although glass objects have been produced as early as the Bronze Age, the more modern technique of cut glass dates back approximately 2,000 years.

era of the late-19th century into the 20th century witnessed significant developments in the glassmaking industry.

Ebony vases can sell for hundreds of dollars, while some cranberry and carnival glass can sell for thousands of dollars.

Despite the high cost of a few rare examples, you can find Fenton glassware for less than 0 each, with many selling for as low as to .“Hobnail” glass, which featured a uniform bumpy surface inspired by Victorian design, was one of the most famous Fenton glass styles.

Pieces produced before 1973 were marked with stick-on labels that likely tore away, making it necessary to do further research to verify the maker.

Colors, design, and motifs can also determine the value of Fenton glassware.

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Makers can be identified by examining company marks and signatures located on the bottom of the glassware.