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Dating attractive successful people

My guess is that most men who feel this way are insecure douchebags.”It’s the perfect example of a girl projecting what she likes on to men, thinking that men like the same thing, when in reality, nothing could actually be further from the truth as far as male and female dynamics…Not to mention, the insane expectations…I get it.What I mean is this…Even if Heather is in-shape, attractive, and successful, she wouldn’t broadcast it to the world and demand a man on her level.“It’s weird,” he said contemplatively, staring into a sea of models.

I figured it couldn’t hurt to read it as I’m interested in the male perspective when it comes to dating.

After asking around with a few male friends, the general consensus was that I was intimidating to men — looks-wise and the fact I had a bomb career running an award-winning Pilates studio, writing articles for big publications, modelling, and running my own website. Dumb down a little, lie about your career, and while you’re at it, dress down a little too.

I was told to hide my shape, avoid putting any photos on my dating profile that showed off the fact I’m busty, and even recommended to go as far as changing my name on my profile so guys couldn’t Google me and discover my modeling portfolio.

The information in the article all seemed pretty common sense; until I read that ‘men only want to date women that make them feel good about themselves.' I guess I understood that.

I’d never want to date someone that made me feel crappy about myself.

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Anyways, this is just my way of saying that life ain’t fair, double standards exist, but really…What can you do about it?

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