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A household is defined as any group of people living together, sharing the same economy and recognizing the same household head.Some people, generally polygamous men, are heads of more than one household but are registered as residents of only one.After that, update rounds (UR) collected data on demographics and household and socioeconomic characteristics.Data about causes of death are inferred from verbal autopsy questionnaires.Access to several communities is made difficult, especially in the rainy season, since dirt roads constitute the main routes.

The study area, of approximately 4 700 km, covers all neighbourhoods located in three of the five communes of the municipality–Caxito, Mabubas and Úcua–and a smaller portion of neighbourhoods in the Barra do Dande and Kicabo communes (Figure 1).

Therefore, the Dande HDSS was implemented in August 2009 in the Dande municipality, to provide a platform for population-based research on the main causes of morbidity and to allow planning of contextualized health interventions.

The initial census, performed between August 2009 and March 2010, established the baseline population (15 579 households with 59 635 residents).

The Dande HDSS was set up as part of the activities of the Health Research Centre of Angola–CISA.

The centre is a collaboration between the Angolan Ministry of Health, the Portuguese Institute of Language and Development and Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

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Angola faced a long period of civil war between 19, and most of the previous existing civil registration and other social infrastructures have been severely debilitated.

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