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Dating and seual conversations

I've learned my lesson and deleted the app, all it did was bring men who were never really looking for anything serious into my life.I try to view online dating as supplemental, but realistically it is my main source of funding eligible men since I'm not an outgoing super social person nor am I looking for that in a guy.I wouldn't call the experience "soul crushing", but just plain bad.Sure, I'm not a sportsman or a rich millionaire (yet) and I hate social media, but I really don't think I look bad, I've got a master in applied physics and if you meet me irl I think I usually come off as fairly confident, funny, very open, as a genuine nice guy and maybe only sometimes a bit weird.The solution, in my mind at least, is to find someone with a profile that sparks interest, express interest via message, answer any particular questions deemed important, and meet for a cup of coffee or other beverage!

So I installed Tinder (a month ago) and Ok Cupid (a week ago).Nowadays, I get the feeling that people want to over analyze and dissect each other because they don't want to waste time meeting in person.I also agree with what you said about meeting someone and having a connection, and then that person finding someone else a few weeks later.Still though, in a month I've had close to 0 responses, let alone any meaningful discussion or anything.The difficulties I've had on tinder are: I know I could make my profiles better by making really tryhard pictures and make me look like a fucking model, but it makes me feel dishonest and not genuine.

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none of that is acceptable to me so I'd rather find out ASAP than to go on even one date.

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  1. You can change the chat and the person by clicking onto another user and each new partner is totally random, but you can filter the age, gender and location of the people you wish to connect with.