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Dating an investment banker anonymous

Around him, I could talk about anything, without worrying about the impression I gave off.

Not surprisingly, my friends didn’t approve and that relationship didn’t last.

“People get so used to approaching things in a business-like manner, when the opportunity comes up to relax and get to know someone, they don’t know what to do and that breeds social awkwardness,” said one of my friends. Without concentrations, Houses, or summer plans as discussion topics, would Harvard students have anything to talk about?

Recently, an acquaintance informed me that the most interesting conversation she had was with a woman taking her tooth X-rays at University Health Services. When I dated a Berklee College of Music student last February, I immediately noticed the difference between him and Harvard guys.

Even when his company knew better, they often forged ahead anyway, because they’d only be compensated if the deal closed.

And like one of David’s clueless clients, it wasn’t until the eleventh hour that I realized our relationship was not in my best interest. Rather than being honest about his qualms over our age difference and the long distance, he removed himself from my life rather abruptly when he decided at the last moment that we shouldn’t be dating.

“I think everything in life is a cost-benefit analysis for Harvard students, especially relationships,” he said. When she found out I was dating a state school graduate, she told me, “You could’ve at least slept with a Harvard student! After experiencing the stress of recruiting season, is it any surprise that Harvard students approach relationships like it’s a job?

He says that my liberal ideals have made him a better person, more empathetic than before.Instead of assessing suitors’ traits based on their personality, we look toward what they can offer us, or worse, toward their earning potential.“It’s like investing in a stock,” said a fiscally conservative male friend—he and all my other friends asked if they could be anonymous so that they could speak more freely.The difference between us was that I was concerned about first impressions, even if it meant that I held back on acting like myself.He may not have been particularly polished, but the trade-off was that he possessed a certain aura of authenticity missing from the Harvard guys I’d gotten used to.

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David later confessed that he spent the whole of late summer “trying desperately to not fall in love” with me.

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