Dating an insecure woman

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Dating an insecure woman

Moment to moment, she seeks constant emotional and physical stimulation in the form of drugs, sex, cigarettes, text flirting with guys, etc.

And unlike most of us, she’s able to get away with this because, well, she’s a hot girl in New York City who knows how to play the game. She’s out two to four nights a weeks, sometimes hitting multiple clubs at once, and she’s always at the best and hottest new club.

And should you ever find yourself in a situation with a Sarah of your own, its only fair that you understand exactly what’s going on.

Personally, I’ve dated two girls like her before, and was in a wickedly hurtful relationship with one of them. The first thing you have to know about her existence is that it is fairly shallow.

She might worry that someone will come and snatch you away from her, for example.

So what do you do to help her deal with her insecurity? So she’s a jealous type who feels insecure about the women that you’re hanging out with.

Here’s the backstory, taken from my experiences with the three girls.

So what you need to do to amplify her insecurity is by dropping hints about the other women.

For example, you can say: You’ll know that it’s working when she gets even more pissed off every time you try to push her buttons.

Or maybe it will even motivate her to try to fix her own insecurity.

For example, if she’s insecure about her big butt, she might just sign up at the gym and start doing squats.

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What’s interesting is that you’ll find information in this video which is unavailable anywhere else. So let’s say that you’re dating this woman, and she’s really insecure whenever there are other women around you.

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