Dating a woman with children christian dating in seattle

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I make decent money, and have never pushed him to pay for any of my kids things, though he does offer from time to time. He's my best friend, and I love him even more knowing how well he gets along with my kids.

I realize I may be the exception, as I've heard of plenty of women who expect their new man to be what they expected their children's fathers to be. Point is - don't write off every mother with kids.

Dating single moms are tricky and it's not like dating a woman without kids at all.

Best piece of advice that I could give, wait a long time before meeting the kiddos, and after meeting the kids do not let your feelings for the kids affect the relationship with the mother.

In the beginning my ex was a major hassle in the relationship, other problems in the relationship were because he didn't feel he was ready for or wanted kids.Fun and Excitement The definition of fun and excitement itself will change, especially if the new step parent does not have kids.If the kids are in sports you will now get to follow some new sports teams.In the end he realized that he was happy spending time with me, and he was okay being around the kids if it meant he could be with me.I've never pushed my kids onto him, or expected him to be their father.

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As with anything new, practice is needed or in this case just feeling comfortable with this new situation.

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