Dating a sex addict

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Dating a sex addict

It is understood, however, that sex addiction – just like chemical dependency and compulsive overeating – affects the survival and reward systems within the brain.

Just as the mind of an alcoholic will tell him he needs to continue pounding vodka in order to survive, the mind of a sex addict will convince him that he needs to continue engaging in sexually aberrant activity.

In many cases, they will adopt the misguided belief that it is them who is doing something wrong. Because those struggling with sex addiction are so ashamed of their powerlessness and deviancy, they will go to great lengths to keep their behaviors secret.

Sex addicts may be especially secretive about their cell phone and computer use.

While it may be relatively easily for one to diagnose him or herself as a sex addict, it may be more difficult for the partner of a sex addict to understand the reasoning behind atypical sexual behavior.

The addicted mind will trick the afflicted into believing that compulsive sexual behavior is necessity, despite the inescapable accumulation of personal consequences.

The mind successfully tricks the body by producing biochemical rewards for self-destructive behavior.

Those who are struggling with addiction of any kind will often resort to manipulation, deceit, and incessant dishonesty as a means of keeping their symptoms hidden and uninterrupted.

Despite the accumulation of worsening personal consequences, the addicted individual will go to great lengths to continue engaging in self-destructive behaviors.

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