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Dani harmer and richard wisker dating

As a result of this, Tracy Beaker (Dani Harmer) and Mike to get to know each other again and become closer.

In the third series of the show, Mike is offered an MBE and accepts it, and later in the series he only just survives when a roof falls on him.

Mike continues to appear as Head Care Worker throughout "The Dumping Ground"; in the first episode he leaves to go on holiday, only for chaos to occur at Elm Tree House until he returns at the end of the second episode, although he knows nothing about it as Gina Conway (Kay Purcell) worries he may not take another holiday again In the fourth series on the eighth episode Carmen Howle (Amy-Leigh Hickman) reports Mike to the police, as Mike's car has been broken into, with Carmen Howle (Amy-Leigh Hickman) file inside the car, and it had been stolen.

However it is revealed that Ryan Reeves (Lewis Hamilton) took the file as revenge for Mike telling the kids about his history, though he was only protecting Ryan Reeves (Lewis Hamilton).

Mike offers her a job at the Dumping Ground because it is short staffed, with only himself and Gina Conway (Kay Purcell) working there.;) Yes, her real mum is called Carly Beaker, and is an actress, but not in Hollywood as Tracy likes to think.Camilla Lawson (Cam) fosters Tracy, and she is still living with Cam at the moment in Tracy Beaker Returns. Jacqueline thought that she wanted to write a story about a troubled girl in care called Tracy, but she couldn't think of a last name, so in the bath she was experimenting with names like Tracy Toilet, Tracy Bath and then she was rinsing her hair with an old plastic snoopy beaker and she thought- Tracy Beaker!!!now there is a new program called Tracy Beaker returns in which Tracy…Its about when tracy obvouisly leaves the DG coz justine littlewood takes the mick sayin that tracy has returned to the DG due to the fact when tracy was young she wanted to leave. No one knows u will just have to watch the last episode!!

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