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I’d not expected to see him again – we lived at opposite ends of Wales – but with a small, sparse population and few young people, dating in the countryside is a small world.

Although I grew up in Carmarthenshire, Wales, my first foray into the rural dating world didn’t come about until I moved back at 23.

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In the crowded members’ bar of an agricultural show I was ducking behind my drunk friend, fighting to explain to her why I needed to hide.

Our TV shows air in more than 20 countries, helping to find life partners for people across the world from Continental Europe to Australia.It can be very easy in the countryside to become immersed in local life and industries; I wanted someone with an open mind and a broad outlook, my boyfriend has both.Finding out that he binged podcasts on a wide range of subjects, and that he didn’t subscribe to rigid gender stereotypes made him a keeper.In a smaller community with fewer young people it may be that scarcity makes people work harder at their relationships, but I’d like to think that the ethos of country life, which typically revolves around hard work and a certain amount of loyalty, ensures that the majority aren’t looking for a quick win.And young people in the countryside are as busy as their counterparts in urban areas: jobs are still stressful; hours can be long, and often irregular or seasonal in farming and tourism industries; people pack out their evenings with PT sessions, socialising, side hustles, caring, and aimless scrolling through Instagram.

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