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Last night I completely deleted her account from OCS, waited about an hour then recreated it.Gets interesting now, immediately after recreating her OCS account, in my MOC and in our web-based IM her title displayed properly, however, come in this morning and it is back to being incorrect.2.) The client itself does not seem to update, however, the does update.It seems like there is simply a break in communication between those 2 pieces, so is it necessary to force the update, when the update seems fine anyways? Also refer to the Microsoft documentation that also confirms the proper paths...We are running MS OCE 2007 R2 and this was brought to our attention a few weeks ago for 1 specific user, but research yesterday shows it to be a wider-spread issue.

Not sure what permissions would have changed, is there a document somewhere that states the basic permissions needed?Or KB numbers for which updates are currently applied? When this user logs in do they see the same thing as you? Is your communicator client set to show friendly names?JDtuck, Yes it is important that client and server side builds are in sync. (view - Yes, the servers and the client are all in sync after updates were applied and servers rebooted.Is it possible the SQL DB on the backend is not updating properly.I thought I would look at the RTC tables, but everything is hashed so I see no way of finding out what AD attributes are in the tables for these people. Jdtuck Well the thing is, you mentioned that the workstation-side database files were showing the updated information so I would focus on what sharepointguru14 pointed out, related to server components matching client components.

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