Christian women dating younger man

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Christian women dating younger man

The following dating sites support younger women who want to meet older men (and vice versa) and pursue their desires without restraint.I dated someone five years younger than myself, and it did not work.

Contributors are not all licensed or trained in relationship counseling. In the Bible there are men in relationships with younger women. Now there is nothing wrong with men and women dating one another.So, it surprised me when a friend texted me “I think I have a crush, but please don’t judge me.” She’d fallen for a man nearly 20 years older than her, and she talked about his good qualities in an apologetic, emoji-less way.Because of the age difference, she didn’t feel excited to share news about her love interest, but she couldn’t deny the chemistry between her and this older man.Then again, who knows what they said to one another after they were expelled from the garden?When dating someone who is younger or older we have to understand that just because they attend church, read the Bible, have a history of being saved, sanctified and Holy Ghost filled doesn't necessarily mean that this person is someone who we should be dating and this person may not be who God had in mind for us.

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Well, we are to trust in God and we are not to lean on our own understanding, so the Bible tells us.

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