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It is a temptation to do so, but I suggest that it is actually unhealthy for the Christian dating relationship.Our emotions need to “grow” into this type of deep Christian dating relationship.I don't want to be associated with it, but I feel like there is an audience who may be searching this term and need to read about a more balanced and healthy approach.If I were to create a new acronym for COURT it would look something like this: The person you marry is a big decision.It will affect your emotions, your usefulness in life and even your salvation. But something I've learned is that when you approach this decision with fear as your rudder, you'll miss the joy of love. I'm slowly going through each page and updating my content.As a young adult I looked around and said to myself "I sure as heck don't want to go through the pain of divorce and have a broken family. " While that fear is legit, it robbed me of a better approach which may have sounded more like, "What married couple do I know that is older and still madly in love with each other? Yeah, I want to have that kind of intimate connection with my spouse when I'm 50 years old. I have let this site sit idle for the last 4 years and I'm realizing it needs a major overhaul.Pushing the pace causes areas of each other’s character to not be observed.

This often means that a healthy bonding is not taking place and the emphasis is upon self-satisfaction in this Christian dating relationship. It is very important to look for CHARACTER issues in each other during this stage of Christian dating.

Character does not change just because one gets married.

You need to know “what they are really like” before you move into a marital relationship. The couple has spent a good deal of time building their Christian dating relationship.

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