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Prior to the “getting married” thing, she was once speculated as a lesbian, when Barbara Walters inquired about Chelsea’s “promiscuity.” But the past dating history of Chelsea Handler can be evident that she is indeed of straight orientation.

However, Handler rose to fame only after she appeared on the cable sketch comedy show, Girls Behaving Badly.

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I just try to get their attention in the first message instead of writing a long winded specific message about something in their profile.

Well, let's discuss more on that, and find out if she has already found her perfect man.I know this has been discussed on the ok cupid thread but that thread is vast and a summary on this specific question would be useful.A quick cold-read of their ethnic background works decently for me at getting replies.The funny woman Chelsea does have a lot of topics to talk about to make her audience laugh, but more recently, she has one the subject of which she is transparent like never before.We are talking about the personal life of the comedienne, as she spills out about being ready for getting married.