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Carbon dating quran

Again: all we know is that the parchment itself came from an animal that lived before the Prophet’s birth.

Well, does the Birmingham manuscript predate the lifetime of the Prophet? Or, if it does, then the case for its divinity is even stronger. The Birmingham manuscript’s is the only thing that has been carbon dated.

But it’s also entirely possible, even without this consideration, that the parchment fragments could predate their use as material for a written Qurʾān by centuries.

Based on the above, it is sad to think that anyone, particularly with an academic background, takes seriously the notion that the contents of the Birmingham manuscript actually predate the Prophet’s lifetime.

Sana manuscripts being between 568 (2 years before Mo's birth) and 645 (which is still before Uthman's decree in 652/653) absolutely does mean that the Quran is too old, when the Quran was first put together/written down after Uthman's decree according to Islamic canon.

Hmm well I read the Islamic rebuttal to this and scholars are saying yes the parchment might be older but then used later to write the actual Quran on it.

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Let us be intellectually honest, it doesn't definitively prove that the Quran is too old.

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