Bowdoin dating

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Bowdoin dating

Bowdoin’s financial aid is entirely need-based, and the college guarantees to meet 100% of the demonstrated financial need of each admitted student.In the spirit of Date-apalooza, the Bowdoin Orient and the Alliance for Sexual Assault Prevent (ASAP) present: “It’s a date!

After years of BOTA popularity, the College invested in an AM transmitter and built a station on the second floor of the Moulton Union.

” This two-time feature details the hilarious, awkward and romantic experience of two Bowdoin students who agree to be set up on a blind dinner date. He’s also growing some facial hair so that’s like a dog.

These Bowdoin students might not find true love, but they might just find out that dating isn’t nearly as terrifying as it seems. TP: A gazelle, because they’re graceful and like exercise and she’s graceful and plays a sport.

On February 20, 1957, WBOR's first FM broadcast was heard across campus.

Prior to this, WBOA could only be heard in the freshmen dorms within a few hundred feet of the Moulton Union station.

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Radio has been a Bowdoin tradition dating back to the early 1940s when students and faculty sporadically hosted and recorded programs on campus, which were later broadcast through Portland's WCSH, Lewiston's WCOU, Augusta's WRDO, and Bangor's WLBZ.