Bored dating

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Bored dating

Those three things are present, however, when you are pining after an ex-boyfriend year after year; a man whose interest in you changes as frequently as the weather.I suspect your break-ups took a very long time to stick, with many late night texts, and even a bit of hooking up?

The first step is to simply be aware of this pattern in yourself and when you feel that “wanting” inside you occur, don’t follow it blindly. Recognize the pattern you have of finding thrills in your dating life and understand the consequences. Have you sat there smiling at a girlfriends’ bridal shower only to secretly be thinking, “Why isn’t that me?There are millions of females that feel just as you do, and are struggling just as you are. Recently I received an email through my website that summed up all the dating woes that women seem to be feeling these days. In the end, I may get a few dates, but they never amount to anything.I do think you have a fear of commitment as you suspected, and yes, with that comes a love of the chase.It’s not that you have an aversion to good, decent, guys.

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Second, on a deeper level, the addiction you have to wanting men is an unconscious need within yourself to prove your own worthiness.

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