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During a smoking ceremony at Old Parliament House, organiser Roxley Foley told the group their campaign for change will never cease."And no-one knows resistance better than my people."Meanwhile, thousands walked through the streets of Redfern to mark the 80th Anniversary of the first Day of Mourning protest and call for a treaty between Aboriginal people and the Government.They walked from Redfern Park chanting "treaty now".

He was also widowed by his second wife, Gloria, and then married a third and final time to Valery King Yorty, who survived him. Times over a political cartoon that showed the Mayor seated behind his desk while attendants in white coats, one with a straitjacket behind his back, waited to cart him away.Lionel Fogarty said now was the time to unite the country on choosing a different date."The feeling today is to unite together and understand that this is not the true date for the Australian people.Nora Young, a Yorta Yorta and Gunditjmara woman, said she was rallying in remembrance of her ancestors."I'm here to recognise my people and what Australia Day signifies — for me that's when European people invaded," she said.Wurundjeri elder Bill Nicholson said Indigenous people deserved the same health, housing and education prospects as white people."We don't want it all we just want what is important to us and what is the areas we want our children to grow up in."About 3,000 people are marching in Brisbane from Queensland Parliament house to Musgrave Park through the CBD, with attendance numbers up significantly on previous years.

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In the nation's capital, nearly 1,000 people took part in the annual march, gathering at lunchtime before walking to the Tent Embassy at Old Parliament House in Canberra.

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  1. My grief seemed like waves radiating out from a droplet of water in a larger pool. It’s easy to pay lip service to the sentiment, “I don’t care what people think.” It was harder to ignore that some of the people who might be confused, concerned, or hurt by my decision to date would be close family who’d also lost Leslie.