Avg error updating in progress

Posted by / 22-Jan-2020 22:04

Avg error updating in progress

Description: When doing this query on the supplied test-table, the result of the AVG's are wrong: SELECT 7406, AVG(runtime) FROM test2 WHERE testrun_id = 7406 UNION SELECT 7499, AVG(runtime) FROM test2 WHERE testrun_id = 7499 The result is: 7406 10000.000000000000000000 7499 10000.000000000000000000 While it should be: 7406 13558.794316406250800355 7499 14373.432968749999417923 With only 10 records per testrun its ok.

If this is the case, wait for it to complete and try again.The application refers to the user interface and all components in Avast Antivirus.Updates to the application provide bug fixes and general improvements.This can, if the maximum precision is, say, 5 significant digits, lead to a value of 123.000 to be returned from a UNION query as 10.000. The class Item_type_holder represents fields in the result tuple, and it is this class that has the final word in setting the number of significant digits prior to storing.The maximum precision for getting non-approximate values is hardware specific. The obvious fix is of course to switch to non-fixed precision (using approximatations for all values with too many significant digits). However, at this point (The method Item_type_holder::join_types), all field metadata is gone.

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The function causes quite a few unit tests to blow up and they had to b changed, but each one is annotated and motivated.