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This is when rumors of their real-life relationship first started.’s Christmas episode starts rumors that Cory and Lea may have started dating in real life.It’s a photo of Damian Mc Ginty and Jenna Ushkowitz, but Cory and Lea can be seen in the background, and they’re looking very coupley.

In July, they both go to Comic-Con, but all is not well for Finchel in the world of .

Finn is all over Episode 5, but Rachel isn’t in it at all, and plenty of fans freak out.

'When new people come in it’s a little scary, but when he did his screen test, he just seemed so excited and so charismatic, so we knew he would be really, really, really great for our show,' Michele said of Dean.

“Obviously, I love working with Cory, so I selfishly want them to work out, but, you know, we’ll have to see.” Lea also reveals that she got really mad at when she found out the characters were about to break up.

Meanwhile, Cory calls Finchel a “legendary” couple.

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