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Not everyone needs to know every detail of your life the second they scroll by your pretty face on an app, but you actually want the people who would be shook by the idea of you being not-quite-fully-divorced or who are judgmental about divorce to self-select out of your personal dating pool.

You could always test something out in your dating profile and see if it affects your matches – “Recently out of a marriage and into a summer of meeting new people” – etc. But you could also hold off until you’re chatting with someone promising before you meet them in person.

For almost the last year, we were on opposite work schedules, so I only saw him 1-2x/week.

I have no regrets about ending things and zero interest in getting back together.

I am not looking for a boyfriend or anything monogamous; just looking to meet some interesting people, eat some tasty food, and start having sex again (it’s been months).

I never know when it’s the right time to tell people stuff like this, so I’m going with ‘awkwardly blurting it out’ so it’s not a surprise later.” You don’t need to apologize, explain, or reassure them you don’t want to whine about your ex, that part will become self-evident if you keep chatting and don’t whine about your ex.If you’re going to disclose this, I think it’s much better to throw the news out there before you meet than to leave it hanging over you and then have to come up with more ways (and feel more anxiety) about breaking the news.Especially since once you tell someone this, what happens next will give you so much information about whether you still want to meet them for a date.Your best move is to wish them well, move on, and keep on disclosing to the next hot interesting dude.Someone who is really not down with this even in a casual relationship is not going to magically get more down with it because it’s stayed secret just long enough for them to get more invested in you (and feel like an asshole if they back out now).

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If I should put separated on my profile, any recommendations for wording (besides “Separated BUT WELL ADJUSTED” haha)?