Ajaxformcomponentupdatingbehavior onchange

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Ajaxformcomponentupdatingbehavior onchange

Depending on the category selected, the Number combo is populated with either a set of even numbers or odd numbers. This is shown below: Now some codes: First the html: Home /* * Home * * Created on 29 January 2012, */ package com.myapp.wicket; import The body of the HTML file callback method that updates the label's model once ajax request is issued.Finally, the label component is set as a target for refreshing.This structure provides a nice separation of concerns and by decoupling the component from data-centric operations, increases code reuse.The example that follows demonstrates how to add Ajax behaviour to a component.As you can see everything is Java, not a single line of Javascript was necessary.

With Wicket it is possible to build a web application using only Java code and XHTML compliant HTML pages.Components in Wicket are triads consisting of a Java class, the HTML markup, and a model.Models are a facade that components use to access the data.In this article, we will introduce the basics by building the You may want to check out the latest version of Wicket in the Maven Central repository, which at the time of your reading may not coincide with the one used here.Now we are ready to build our first Wicket application.

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The catalog of the components with live examples is available here.