Adobe flash player constantly updating

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This process has been done over and over with the same results.

I have researched on Facebook, Zynga and Adobe, but still haven't received any viable solutions.

May 14, 2013 Adobe Flash Player update has stopped pretty much all Facebook games to include: Farmville 2, Criminal Case, Relic Quest, Hidden Agenda, Family Feud, Treasure Madness etc.

I have downloaded the latest version, installed, computer rebooted, then Uninstalled Flash Player, reinstalled still the games keep asking for the latest version and unplayable.

Originally developed as a way for developers to program interactivity, Action Script enables efficient programming of Flash Platform applications for everything from simple animations to complex, data-rich, interactive interfaces.Flash Player always enforces the browser's same-origin policy.The same-origin policy is the foundation of browser security that prevents one site from stealing the data you have stored on another site.Flash Player assigns SWF files—those stored on the end user's computer—and other resources, such as shared objects, bitmaps, sounds, videos, and data files, to security sandboxes based on their origin when they were loaded into Flash Player.Flash Player limits interaction between files in different sandboxes, thereby preventing SWF files from performing operations that could introduce security breaches.

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