Accommodating autism classroom

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Accommodating autism classroom

Some students expend a lot of energy, at all costs, to blend in and not be detected.Unfortunately, for some, this may result in them leaving the university without finishing a degree as the stress is too great.This article will discuss some of the challenges and possible academic supports for students on the autism spectrum.There is a wide range of functioning and abilities seen across individuals diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.However, each person is affected in different ways.The sensory perceptions, motor skills, learning styles and coping strategies are often affected and may cause “hidden” challenges that are not understood by those supporting these students.

Possible accommodations for students on the autism spectrum include allowing for short breaks to leave class and/or allowing the student to have a “social buffering” object which might include a computer, book or other object that initially might seem distracting or “out of place”.

Generalities are hard to make except to say that communication and social skills deficits are present.

There are also neurological differences that affect everyone on the autism spectrum.

Some may be slower to organize thoughts and speak, and/or their voice tone and volume may be unusual.

Idiosyncratic use of words and phrases may be present.

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Students with an autism spectrum disorder may be very articulate and have a large vocabulary which may “hide” their communication challenges.