Abusive or intimidating behavior in the workplace How to hook up with a gilf

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Abusive or intimidating behavior in the workplace

There was often a loss of confidence on the part of those on the receiving end of unwanted behaviour, and many were reluctant to use the term 'bullying' to describe their problem.

They may also occur in written communications, email, phone, and automatic supervision methods such as computer recording of downtime from work or the number of calls handled if these are not applied to all workers.

As a result, the report said one key to tackling bullying most effectively is to address the 'workplace climate' so that ill-treatment - whether at the minor end of banter or incivility, or at the more serious end - does not become normalised or institutionalised as just 'the way things are done'.

Further information on best practice for successful management of bullying and unwanted behaviours can be found in the Acas policy paper Seeking Better Solutions: Tackling bullying and ill-treatment in workplaces in Britain.

Deteriorating relationships in some cases had been triggered by issues of work performance or sickness absence being raised by managers - leading to a sense of of ill-treatment and unfairness from employees.

But the other side of the coin was that some employees alleged that their performance or health was being adversely affected by ill-treatment from their colleagues or managers.

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