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For Art Brussels 2016 the Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia (EKKM), presents a reconstruction and a reinterpretation of Anu Vahtra’s site-specific installation 17,9°.

The installation was originally realised for the III Artishok Biennale (curated by Liisa Kaljula, 2012) and rebuilt for the exhibition Feeling Queezy?! It employs the most peculiar space of the museum, which is situated in the former transportation bridge that has a 17,9-degree angle with the ground, therefore holding a strong physical presence by default.

However, the work manifests itself when the viewer is confronted with his/her own perception of the space – the significance lies not in learning what’s depicted on the image that hangs in the middle of the room, but in realising that the frame is hanging (seemingly) at an angle.

By bringing a section of the above described space as a 1:1 scale model into the art fair context we allow ourselves and the audience to explore the potentialities for further interpretation and to introduce the museum through the representation of its spatial characteristics.

Furthermore, she is one of the founders of Lugemik Publishing and Bookshop, and is also the winner of Köler Prize 2015 grand prix.

This also places new demands on security and the way we think about safety.It is an unconventional concept of a contemporary art museum that works towards producing, exhibiting, collecting and popularizing local and international contemporary art while altering the prevailing working methods of established art institutions.It is a tool of self-establishment for younger generation artists, curators and art students. We are delighted to invite you to Cisco Connect Estonia held at Radisson Blu Olumpia, Tuesday, 8.30 to 17.00 – a day filled with insightful presentations, groundbreaking demos and a chance to network with other leaders in the industry. These and other questions will be answered during this year’s Connect.Digital Disruption is the hot new word in the IT industry. The major research houses believe that the future belongs to companies who understand how to adapt their businesses digitally.

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Estonia and Russia still share “bad blood” due to the Soviet occupation of the Baltic countries, which ended with the collapse of the Soviet Union.