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College women involved with other women are sometimes called LUGs, or "Lesbians Until Graduation"—when, presumably, their youthful experimentation ends and they revert to their “real” (and straight) orientation.Meanwhile, some lesbians and gays view bisexuality as a cowardly refuge for homosexuals who lack the courage to come out.Bisexual groups savaged the study because the researchers had recruited participants by advertising in gay periodicals, possibly skewing the results.Six years later, the researchers repeated their study, this time recruiting through online sites catering to bisexuals.They asked 101 young men—30 of who identified as straight, 38 as gay, and 33 as bisexual—to watch erotic videos with their genitals wired to detect arousal.The straight men were aroused only by heterosexual videos and the gays only by homosexual action.That’s bisexuality, “swinging both ways,” or being “AC/DC.” But bisexuality has long been a controversial concept for many.Some authorities have argued that it doesn’t exist—that people are straight, homosexual, or lying.

Significantly larger proportions, however, disapproved of bisexual men and women—61% and 50% respectively.

(For comparison, depending on the study, 5-to-10% of the adult population identifies as homosexual.) In 2015, in surveys of American and English adults, the market research firm You Gov stratified sexual orientation by age group and found that bisexuality is more prevalent among the young than the old: Completely heterosexual or homosexual: Why do fewer people identify as bisexual as they age?

It’s unclear, but presumably social pressure pushes at least some bisexuals to choose either straight or gay. S., homophobia has become increasingly culturally unacceptable, yet “biphobia” is alive and well.

Starting in 1981, AIDS transformed our understanding of bisexuality, as a surprising number of ostensibly heterosexual, often married men began turning up with the disease. Men could identify as hetero and live hetero lives, yet have periodic, even regular, homosexual experiences—not just experimentally, but over the long term.

However, in a 2005 study that made headlines, Northwestern University researchers declared that bisexuality did not exist.

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A good deal of hetero-focused pornography features “girl-girl” scenes.