10 pros and cons of online dating

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10 pros and cons of online dating

Many a times, when you finally get to meet the person, your world come crashing down, because you get to see through the lies and imperfections then. I had built this complete perfect mental picture about a guy I met online.When I finally got to meet the person in question, I discovered a lot of flaws and lies.Trust me, if you meet the one online, you won’t mind these expenses. Life Risk: Another risk you expose yourself to when you engage in online dating is risk to your life.There have been instances where people travelled to meet their love interest, online for them to get kidnapped or kill.He is currently going steady now with a love interest he met online.There are many other pros and cons of dating online, these ten sums up the pros and cons to expect when you decide to engage in online dating.I just ran into my buddy Andy at a restaurant-—the kind of hip place you'd take a first date to impress her.

This option is easier and less stressful than traveling to the country. Good For Shy Persons If you are the shy and introvert type, online dating gives you an opportunity to meet new people.That does not mean that every internet love interest is scammers.But you need to understand that as long as you engage in online in online dating, you can be a victim of scam.This rarely happens, but you need to know that it is one of the dangers you stand to face with online dating. Meeting The Wrong Persons: You may end up meeting the wrong persons.A lot of people from different backgrounds and beliefs come online to date.

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There are lots of free to use social media platforms for online dating.

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