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0871 chat lines

Check their website before resigning yourself to using a premium rate number!However, if you're stuck having to call an expensive line, you can dodge costs by checking out these websites!We've linked to each network's site for a more detailed breakdown of costs, and where we've said "up to Xp", this indicates that there's a different access charge for different plans (especially when comparing pay as you go with pay monthly).Some landline plans include calls to 084 and 087 numbers as standard, meaning there could be no extra charge involved in calling a premium rate number.08 numbers are now free to call from mobiles and landlines.

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They're not classed as standard landline numbers (unlike 01, 02 or 03 calls), meaning they could leave you shelling out up to 60p a minute for dialling.

It's now against the law for companies to use expensive 08 numbers for customer service lines – there should always be a standard/freephone number you can use instead.

The cost is made up of an access charge (what your provider charges to connect you) and a service charge, which is set by the company you're calling.

Access charges will vary from network to network (we list the main mobile ones below), but service charges will usually cost the following: The company you're calling should tell you the service charge when you phone (e.g.

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But, of course, you'll need to know both charges (the call rate of the company you're calling, plus your network's access charge) and add them together to find an estimate.